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Stephencom 说:
2021年4月28日 09:21

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market this week broke the $ 2 trillion mark for the first time in history. According to this indicator, on April 5, he approached Apple ($ 2.15 trillion) and bypassed Microsoft ($ 1.88 trillion).

Experts call this growth unprecedented: at the beginning of 2021, the cryptocurrency market capitalization barely reached $ 1 trillion, that is, the figure doubled in just three months.

<b>What is market capitalization?</b>

This is the value of an object (security, company, or even a crypt) calculated based on the current market price. In our case, it is the total market value of tokens that are traded on the market.

Much credit for this record belongs to bitcoin, which accounts for half of the total value of all cryptocurrencies - $ 1.098 trillion.

But, despite the records, this market is notably in a fever: on April 7, the cue ball rate dropped to $ 55,600, which is why traders lost $ 613 million.

Ethereum, the second largest token by capitalization, made the market players pretty nervous, accounting for $ 241.7 billion. On Tuesday, April 6, altcoin (as all cryptocurrencies are called, except for bitcoin. - Note. "Secret") updated its historical maximum value above $ 2100, after which began to fall in price. And traders lost $ 283 million.

Binance Coin closes the top 3 in terms of capitalization with an estimate of $ 57.22 billion. Unlike its counterparts, this token is on the rise: on April 6, its price renewed its all-time high above $ 400. Back in early 2021, Binance Coin was trading at $ 38, so in four months it has risen in price by 955%.

A sharp increase in profitability is also noted for the XRP token - the cryptocurrency of the Ripple company has grown in price by 580% in three months and returned to the top 4 in terms of capitalization. Almost the same growth was shown by the IOTA token, which has risen in price by 573% over the past three months.

<b>Which of them can you pay attention to?</b>

1. Ethereum;
2. BNB Binance Coin;
3. <a href=https://pactswap.finance/>Pact tokens</a>;
4. DOT Polkadot;
5. ADA Cardano;
6. UNI Uniswap;
7. EOS;
8. Compound (COMP);
9. IOTA;
10. Ripple XRP;

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